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Of all the tea rooms in all the world.

Because everything seems so much better with a hot cup of inspiration

3 July
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The following things literally make my life: Jessica Fletcher from Murder, she wrote (that woman is my idol), making play-lists to jog to and then never actually going jogging, John Frieda hair products, telling strangers I can speak French, living in my bank account overdraft, Carte D'or chocolate inspiration, my subscription to New Scientist magazine (it's always good to be informed), dressing up as the Pink Power-Ranger without a decent reason, the synonyms button on Microsoft Word, refrigerated Pepsi, telling people the scar on my left shoulder is from a surfing accident when I actually just tripped into a wall, the garden gnome who sits above my fireplace, falling off the chair-lift whilst skiing, seeing other people fall off the chair-lift whilst skiing, Manhattan;NY, the London Underground, Mata Hari cocktails from the Westport hotel, newly washed pajamas, being insanely jealous of people that somehow still manage to look glamorous even in the library, the name Mr Neville Neville and of course a jolly good Harry Potter fanfic.

But seriously, if you've never watched Murder, she wrote, you haven't lived.