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How time has flown...

I absolutely cannot believe it has been over a year since visiting or contributing to LJ... which essentially means the same amount of time away from creative writing of any sort but especially my beloved FF. Whyyy??

I have no idea how many of my old writing buddies are still even users of LJ, but thought I would drop a little note to say a feeble *hi* and just check back in.

So, what's new since my last appearence? I suppose the single biggest change in my life is that I got into med school! Which also meant quitting the job and moving away down South. At this point, I honestly can't tell you if it was the right decision or not - this year has had both catastrophic highs and lows and I have never ever felt so much stress in my whole entire life (not even racing against an LJ ficafest deadline with an angry mod on my back, ha!). But, I still believe you have to take and run with all the chances you get in life, so lets hope there's an upside/respite soon!

All of the excitement horrific pressure has also meant that my total word count for 2013/14 so far is a grand zilch which also makes me pretty sad. Funny as well, as it used to be one of my most favourite stress-release exercises but I guess just time (read: lack of) has been the issue here. But this is something I am adamant I will get back to! So, in that vein if anyone has any brilliant prompts they're just dieing to shell out, or can point me in the direction of a fest thats up and running and still taking sign-ups then please comment below!

And even if not, just drop a line to say hiyaaa and tell me what the past year has brought for you!


Sleep is a luxury...

...I have barely been able to afford these last few weeks! Here is why:

- Post-Grad Medical School applications done. (Sent. Gone. Awaiting verdict. Yikes.)

- 2 week medical internship in Sri Lanka. (Amazing. Eye opening. Jet lag.)

- Normal work. (Just… well, it's work?)

- Looking for a new flat. (Optimistic. Exciting. I have no concept of how little I earn and what this means I can afford, but meh.)

- Relationship shake-up. (Officially 'out with the old', optimistically waiting for 'in with the new'... jks.)

And just too many fics, not enough time. I had to drop out of interhouse_fest this year, which I am absolutely gutted about – it’s probably my favourite of the year. But the prompt I picked was so brill that I'm going to keep working on my entry just for fun! Am also going to attempt a bit of a make-over on my journal page. Organisation is the key!

Now. Have some dark and creepy fanfiction:


Title:  Astoria Malfoy's Guide to Good Housekeeping (R)
Fest: nextgendarkfest
Word Count: ~1,000
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Rose/Draco, Draco/Astoria
Warnings: Descriptions of violent deaths and infidelity. Ref to necorphilia. Disturbing psychology.

Summary: 'Red stains on the carpet, white stains on the sheets. It really is all such a terrible mess.'

Read 'Astoria Malfoy's Guide to Good Housekeeping'Collapse )


Title: Detention Can Be Torture (NC-17)
Fest: darkwitches
Word Count: ~3,900
Pairings: Pansy/Ginny
Warnings: Dub-con, physical violence and torture, sexual situations between minors, bad language, psychological cruelty, orgasm control.

Summary: 'Sometimes, Pansy had to admit, extra curricular activites did have their merits.'

Read 'Detention Can Be Torture'Collapse )

Disclaimer for both: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.

I have been a human mess...

...this past month. First four weeks of night shifts plus applications for Graduate Med school just turned up the heat = mental and physical mush. 

And y'know, that fic word count on the post below... Yeah. It hasn't moved. Not even by an apostrophe. Except that I also managed to find myself signing up to nextgenbigbang

I'm genuinely on the brink of insanity. And I love it here.

Was down in London this weekend, having my Photobucket. I actually became so overwhelmed with unexpected patriotism that I bought a flag. I now have repetetive strain injury in my wrist and the national anthem as my ring tone.

Fic related news/quaterly report:Collapse )

And finally - just having a little organise - here's my hp_nextgen_fest entry from earlier this year. Click on the summary if you fancy a little burst of Teddy/Victoire to brighten your Monday.

Title: In Vogue
Rating: PG13/R
Word Count:2178
Pairing(s): Teddy/Victoire
Warnings: Bad language, brief reference to past pos. underage sexual activity

Summary: These days, all Teddy gets to see of Victoire is her picture in the papers. Collapse )

Phew! I feel like Jess Ennis, except this was the heptathlon of fest-plugging.

'Ahoy, and other nautical expressions!'


Okay, now that's out of the way - this is really a gushing post. 'Till Marriage Do Us Part' has really brought home the bacon. And by bacon, I mean these beauties:
Huge thanks to everyone who read and voted and, of course, to drcjsnider for running such a wonderful comm and making banners!

In ozer news...Collapse )
  • Saw The Hunger Games last weekend. LOVED the books and actually really enjoyed the film. (Spoilers maybe?) There were some bits I felt they did really well - even though I knew exactly what was going to happen I was still tense as Hell when Katniss was climbing into that tube at the start of the games - and other things I thought were a bit lacklustre, like the entire cave scenes and Kat/Peeta bonding in general. Overall, tres bonne though!
  • Signed up to nextgendarkfest so need to start channelling my inner demons. I actually should stop signing up to fests as I'm a terrible participant - never made a deadline yet, awful awful behaviour. But I'm an addict so... whachagunnado?
  • I have quite a few half-finished Rose/Scor short stories sitting in my docs right now, and need a little inspiration to finish them. I think I'm a pressure writer so might post some summaries in a couple days, see which (if any) people might like to see completed soon. Give me an added incentive. What say you readers?!!
  • Finally, I'm pretty sure the London Tube is my favourite thing. Ever. If there was to be a nuclear apocalypse, I would have no qualms whatsoever living down there. I've been spending the past couple of weekends down there (in the city, not undergound) (unfortunately), and trying to get myself gainfully employed (yuck) and I actually can't wait to be a commuter. Dude, it's like taking a fair ground ride to work everyday! Stoked.

Ta ra for now chums... *waves*





Thank you, that is all.


Hello wonderful f-list! How the devil ARE you?

- So, I'm a little late off the mark but Happy Belated Valentines Day! I hope everyone had fun, either loved-up or love-sick. My significant other lives a looong way away and isn't really the romantic type so, in a rather low moment, I bought my own valentines chocolates. Then I realised how sad and spinster-y this made me so I gave them to my mum. In an even lower moment, it then became clear she'd already received some. Eurgh.

- A hundred hugs and kisses for my crystal hearts though, f-list. They made my day that much sweeter :D

- I am so so so so pleased to say that two of my stories have been nominated for awards! "Blissful Ignorance" is up for Most Unique Story Plot/Twist at hpfanficfanpoll and "Till Marriage Do Us Part" is up for Best Short Story, Best Humour and Best Romance at nextgen_awards! Huge, mega, gigantasaur thank you's to my mystery nominators!! Voting is open at both sites now so if you read and liked and want to read more - GO VOTE!!

- Finally, here is the re-post of my Christmas themed entry for nextgen_mas. I realised whilst writing this that I cannot cannot write Lily Luna. Seriously. This girl baffles me. Alas:

Title: A Tale of Two Christmas Eves
Chars.: Lily Luna Potter, Hugo Weasley
Word count: < 4,000
Rating/Warnings: PG. Disgusting amounts of fluff. Really, I think I may have suffered a head trauma or something.

Summary: In which Hugo is quite the traditionalist and Lily comes to her senses.

"Hugo Weasley was in a right foul mood."Collapse )

Ta ra for now, beauts xXx


TA DAAAA!! A little late on the re-post for this bad boy but here we go: My entry to the 2011 interhouse_fest! Huzzah!! So, let's not drag this one out shall we, I'm feeling a gung ho attitude coming on.

Title: Blissful Ignorance (or The Folly of a Fool) (yes, I went for the pretentious bracketed second title, and what?)
Pairing: Zacharias Smith/Asteria Greengrass (implied Draco Malfoy/Asteria Greengrass)
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Infidelity, bad language, scenes of a violent and sexual nature, enough angst to kill a man.
Word Count: ~7000

Summary: His relationship with Asteria has brought Zacharias to the very brink of despair. Now he must relive the most poignant moments of her betrayal before he can be rid of her, forever.

A/N: Huge thank you to slumber, without whose help and guidance, this fic would never have survived. Also, thanks to xakemii (at ff.n) for their help. My undying gratitude to the mods of this fest who put up with me through many many extensions and mini life-dramas (I <3 IHF!). And finally, thanks to my prompter for introducing me to such an awesome artist/song. I only hope I did it justice.
Disclosure: Not mine, probably never will be. Original song prompt can be found here: Inara George - Fools in Love
"This fool is in love again."Collapse )

Yo mama...

I need to get better at this updating thing :( Gah.
So, what’s new?

Didn’t hear back from my interview last week, which sucks because not only is that very rude after I travelled half the country to get there, but also it actually sounded like a really cool job. Laaaame.

Finally handed in my nextgen_mas entry! Only a week and a half late. And so that almost concludes my frenzy of fest participation!! What have I learned over these few fanfic-fulled months? A) I am terrible at time organization. I’m not sure I managed to hand in one single entry on time. Sorry mods :(

But: B) I LOVE having my prompts answered! I’m still waiting on a few to pop up on various fests, ones I’m pretty sure were snagged by someone, but it’s just so much fun to see what other people do with your suggestions. And C) Hell, I just love fests! Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy writing and how much fun it is and fests make me sit down at my laptop and create and I love, love, love that.

I also love it when you get these:

Yay! And if you fancy reading some Scor/Rose snarky love, here's my entry:

Title: Till Marriage Do Us Part
Chars.: Rose/Scor, with a little Louis cameo thrown in for good measure
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, None
Word Count: 7,100

Summary: It’s wedding season in the Wizarding World and, for two people who loathe the idea of marriage, Rose and Scorpius certainly seem to get invited to a lot of them. (Mega thanks to my beta: makoshark8 !) 

"Who the Hell gets married on a beach, anyway?"Collapse )

P.S. Also, if you haven't already, head over to interhouse_fest who are still posting some fantastic entries twice daily! Mine is in there somewhere, maybe you can guess which one? ;)

P.P.S. I miss my fests already, anyone know of any hp prompt based/exchange fests still taking participants??

Lots of snowy, winter love xXx

"Big day for a fan of walls."

Hi team!

Some great news today- after writing over 10k words worth in possible introductions and stories for my smrw_ficafest entry I think I might have finally cracked it. Huzzah! I have a plot-line! (This also means, that I have at least 7.5k of un-used material which I can hopefully turn into something else all Rosie-Scorpy-lovely. Not a bad trade off.)

Still have to pick my prompt for nextgen_mas. Having never written slash before, I’m kinda tempted to give it a try but as most of the prompts already snagged have been slash, I think this might turn out to be a slash-heavy fest which makes me want to pick something else. Meh, the dilemma.

In RL- I have finally learnt to LOVE red wine. How could I ever have not? How was the young me so unrefined and unsophisticated? Another mystery of life I suppose. Also, if one more person asks me what I’m going to do with my life and my bad self now that I’m graduated, there will be some serious arse kicking.

And finally- any fans of the current Dr Who, how unbelievably massively amazingly awesome were the last two episodes? I cried in both and finally, finally learnt to love Amy Pond. (Before this I suffered from some serious jealously fuelled hatred.) And oh, Matt Smith, if ever I had my chance with you.... 


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